Niagara River serves as a borderline between Canada and the United States. The river flows from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. It is 36 miles long and conveys over two hundred thousand cubic feet of water per second. Fishing activities are pronounced in the lower section of Niagara than they are in upper Niagara. This article looks at fishing activities that take place on Niagara River.

file000791714315Niagara River hosts many types of fresh water fish. This is what encourages fishing activities to take place in different sections of the river throughout the year. The river boasts of spectacular freshwater fisheries. They include: bass, trout, muskellunge and walleye. Fisheries activities can be enjoyed all year round. It does not matter whether you are out to chase fish or you just want to fish a wide variety of species in a natural seating.

Popular Fishing Areas

Falls region – this is the area above Niagara falls that include the upper Niagara River. It boasts of shallow waters that are known to attract warm water fish such as muskellunge and bass. When you go fishing in this area, you will enjoy every second that passes as you soak yourself in some of the splendors of Niagara. This area is also popular for birding activities.

River Region – this portion of Niagara River carries water from the upper great lakes and is a home to most of the fish species that call Niagara their home. The types of fish that you’ll find in this area include salmon, trout, walleye and bass. This is where you will get the best trout fish in the world. While in this area, you will have a chance to visit Youngstown and Lewiston popular spots for charter activities.

Buffalo area – the area lies between Niagara River, Lake Erie and Chautauqua. In this area, you will find different species of fish ranging from ling salmon, lake trout, and steelhead. Also, the trophy fish is often caught in this area.

Canal region – although this region is known for recreational activities, it is also a good fishing spot especially if you are interested in warm water fish species such as pike, pan fish and bass.

Whirlpool state park – it is located off Robert Moses parkway and offers shore anglers plenty of fishing opportunities. It can be accessed by walking though one must be extremely cautious when shore fishing because the area is rocky, icy and slippery.

The most commonly used method by fishermen looking for salmon, walleye and trout is drifting. Fishing can be done using a three way bottom bouncing rig. To be successful here, it is mandatory that you make use of a lighter drop line. Depending on the species you are targeting, you are free to use a sinker of any weight. You can also use a variety of natural baits such as shiners, leeches, crayfish, salmon skein as well as artificial ones like kwihfish , yellow sallys, and worm harness. It is important to note that the biggest fish ever caught in Niagara River was estimated at 39lb.

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