Lake Ontario is the fourteenth most biggest lake in the whole world. However this is due to its great diameter or surface area but due to the length of its depth. It is fascinating to learn that the lake is the smallest in surface area amongst the rankings of the largest lakes in the world. It has an estimate of an area of 7320 square miles. Despite this fact it is also ranked fourth among the top most deepest in the world with a depth of up to 283 feet. The lake covers a wide area and even extends to parts of the state of New York. Due to its great depth the lake has a wide variety of sea creatures making it a worldwide attraction for tourists and other visitors who want to view the beauty of the deep .

file2131310035302Along with this, in some of its shores mainly on the shores of the united sates farming is practiced even though not to a very large extent. This is because most of the areas that the lake covers are urbanized hence farming is less likely to take place.

Lake Ontario fishing is an experience that will mesmerize you to your wits. This is because of the presence of a wide variety of fish that are found in the lake. Lake Ontario is however mostly associated with the salmon species. Even though other species are found such as brown tout, carp, bass and wall eye, the salmon is the species that is found in larger volumes.

To be on a more specific note, the type of salmon that is mainly found is the pacific salmon. The fishes may be found in different sizes with some even having a weight of thirty pounds and beyond. However during the season of spring the salmon fishes are mostly found close to the shore. This is because they feed on alewife. In this case if you are considering Lake Ontario fishing then you will not require a boat. All you have to carry is your fishing lines and be sure that you will be able to fish enough from even 1 meter from the shore.

With the entrance of summer the fishes start to go further in. This is because during this period there is no adequate food so the salmon prefer to find their food from the deep waters of Lake Ontario. Henceforth if you are on a fishing expedition during this specific season then you will need some improved system and equipment since you will have to indulge in the deep waters of the lake.

During fall the likelihood of finding the salmon along river banks is very high since they tend to go further inwards. During this time you are likely to find many fishing boats along this areas.
Also in Lake Ontario is the presence of the rainbow trout. Many fishermen prefer this type of fish due to its amazing high weight. An ordinary rainbow trout may weigh even 6 pounds.

Lake Ontario fishing is very exciting and for those who are in the same for trade purposes then this is the lake for you. Visit Lake Ontario and be amazed at the beauty of nature.