Canadian Black Bear Hunting

Les Chalets du Huard are in an ideal place to hunt black bear. Due to the glacial origin of the region, the surrounding terrain has a multitude of varied characteristics. It is located on a very large section of land, which has never been mined and that has not been touched by forest industry for over forty years. This mosaic of marshes, lakes and coniferous forests supports an abundance of wildlife, which is increasingly difficult to find nowadays.

bearEven if there are no Black Bear Management Plans attributed to Chalets du Huard, the area is so vast and sparsely populated that it can easily accommodate up to 10 hunters at a time. It offers tree towers of steel and more than 30 sites are set up for different distances, both for those who hunt with bows and firearms. When booking trips guides begin to lure several weeks in advance, using a combination of traditional and advanced technological tools in the hunting and tracking industry. Multiple sites are available to hunters, and they are checked daily to ensure a successful harvest. Some sites are accessible by boat, others by hiking trail or mountain bike. The distance to each site is as varied as the different sites on which each bait has been deposited; up to 12 miles / 22 km by boat or 1 kilometre or 2 by foot. Many of the sites are accessible to people with physical challenges, and there is always someone to make ensure that all the hunters have a good hunting experience in the area.

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