Hunting Moose In Canada

Discover hunting on Lake Kipawa, a treasure of north-western Quebec. The vast boreal forests that surround this massive lake system have hardly been affected by the forestry industry, enabling a vibrant ecosystem found only rarely elsewhere today. This forest supports an abundant population of moose, making it an ideal destination for any serious hunter. In the central section of the lake where we are located, there is very little human traffic from hunters and hikers, so there is a multitude of possible sites where you can hunt. You can get there by boat, road or trail, you can be sure to find a spot you like.

mooseThe Chalets du Huard, include access to steel towers for bow hunters, already fully installed with safety harnesses to each of the sites. The shooting distance varies with each site to accommodate any hunter. Every year there is room for many hunters. Each site is checked regularly, from the very end of the hunting season for black bear. We also use surveillance cameras to ensure the frequency of animals on site. Most of the time, our cameras record several different animals at each site!

For hunters with firearms, there is an extensive network of trails spread over several huge territories. You will need a detailed map of all the trails which are well marked and maintained, and the first day of hunting a guide will show you exactly where the limits of the hunting territory are. The guides are sometimes available the rest of your stay if needed.

Since 2012 the hunting season in the 13 West zone is 15 to 30 September for the arc (male, female and calf) and 6 or October 21 for the gun (and male calf) during the rut because it is at this time they are most responsive. Specimens of moose in the area are about 1,000 pounds, but there were animals harvested up to 1,400 pounds. The restrictions can vary because hunting licenses alternate annually between male, female and calf or only male, but the success rate of the area is typically very high at over 80%.

So go and discover this region abundant in forests and lakes, this bright green jewel of northern Quebec. I am confident that after only a few days you will not want to leave.

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